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The text element allows you to easily integrate text into your project and adjust various layout options for it.

1. Text - Properties

The Text option under the Content tab allows you to enter and format text to your liking. The text editor provides a range of formatting options that you might know from other text editors, like font size, text color, font styles, etc. Additional functions (like copy & paste) are available to you via right-clicking or using keyboard shortcuts.
If you wish to combine your text with an image, we recommend using the News item element instead of the default text element.

Available keyboard shortcuts: 
Ctrl + C
Copy selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl+ X  
Cut out selected text and save it to the clipboard
Ctrl + V     
Paste text from clipboard
Ctrl + A    
Select all
Ctrl + Shift + Left
Select word left of cursor position
Ctrl + Shift + Right 
Select word right of cursor position
Ctrl + Z
Undo last input
Ctrl + Y 
Restore last input (undo last undo)
Ctrl + B
Format currently selected text as bold
Ctrl + I  
Format currently selected text as italics
Ctrl + U 

Underline currently selected text

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