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Project settings

Via the project settings you can edit the name of your project, enter a description text, allow restricted users access to the project, or transfer full access to another user group.

1. Project - Properties

1.1 Project name

Here you can set a name for your project that will be used in the list on the Projects page and in the Inspector. By default, new projects are automatically assigned a name that reflects the name of the project template the project is based upon.

1.2 Project description

The Project description you type in here is shown in the project list on the projects page.

1.3 Play log

When the Play log function is activated, additional entries for displaying elements in sequenceswap containers (navigation, condition) and opening pop-ups on the client side are written to the SiteKiosk log file. The log file can then be used for the evaluation of the terminal usage. The log file can be viewed on Site Remote in the monitoring tab under logs or on the client system in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles.
1.4 User rights
You can use the drop-down menu under the User rights tab to transfer full access to the project to different user group. 

1.5 Additional user rights
To allow restricted users to edit selected properties/elements of the project check the Enable restricted editing of properties for additional users checkbox. To further enable restricted users to publish projects to client machines check the Restricted users can change machine assignments checkbox.

Please note:
You can find more detailed information on user rights and restricted access in the chapter on User rights.

1.6 Media file sharing

With the option Media File Sharing you can activate the checkbox Other users have access to all media files in this project to make all files used in a project available to other users and projects. The files are then offered when selecting the Source - Existing File from a Project drop-down menu File. Additionally you can find afterwards the uploaded files in the tab media library of the inspector.

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