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Pop-up (linked document)

The Pop-up tab lets you turn an element into a link that will open an image, video, text, or PDF file in a popup window when the element is being clicked on. 

1. Pop-up

1.1 Document types and their properties

You can choose one of multiple Document types for your link: 

1.1 Sizes

You can set the exact size of the pop-up window in pixels or select full screen to make it cover the whole screen.

1.2 Title bar

Here you can adjust the text, text color, and background color of the pop-up window's title bar.

1.3 Background

The background option allows you to define a background color or background image for the pop-up window (you can use the background color settings to make the background of the pop-up window transparent).

Adjusting the Padding values allows you to precisely position the content of the pop-up window in relation to the pop-up window's borders.

Please note:
The idle timeout (screensaver) value found in the Content settings  determines the period a user has to be inactive before pop-up windows are automatically closed and the display is reset to its default state. In contrast to all other pop-ups, video pop-ups are only closed after the end of the playing time, whereby the playing time of the video is counted as user activity. 

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