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Editor Settings (lable, template, user rights)

The options under the Editor Settings allow you to set a title/label for the element, create a template, and manage the access rights to this element.

1. Label / Title

You can set a title for your elements via the Label / Title tab. The title will be shown in the Overview of the inspector. Additionally you can enter a short description text. Title and description will be shown in the New element for container dialog when you create an element template or when you copy elements.

2. Templates
You can create a Template based on your current element by checking the Use this element as a template for new elements checkbox (after entering a title and description text). Your new template will now be listed under Favorite templates for this container or Templates for other containers in the New element for container dialog. For more detailed information on templates please see the corresponding chapter Element templates.

3. User rights

If you have enabled project access for restricted users (via the Project settings), the User rights options are displayed to users will full access. For detailed information on access permissions, etc. please see the chapter User rights. By checking the Users in this group can change enabled properties checkbox and selecting a user group from the drop-down list you can assign restricted users editing permissions. After enabling editing for restricted users a new checkbox will be shown below the various options and settings of the element; these are used to select which options exactly can be edited by restricted users.

Containers, overflow containers, and sequence have an additional Users in this group can insert new elements that are based on templates for this container option that allows restricted users to add new elements to these types container elements. With enabling this option restricted users can only add elements based on Templates that have been created for this specific container element. You can permit restricted users also to use standard elements (like text, image, etc.) and page templates by checking the Allow these users to add standard elements, page templates, and clipboard elements checkbox.

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