Quick Start - System Security Manager

You can use the System Security Manager to edit the local Windows user named SiteKiosk which is created by SiteKiosk during installation. 

The password assigned to the SiteKiosk Windows user is provisio. If you wish to change this password, do not do so using the user administration of Windows, but open the 
custom settings of the System Security Manager.

By default, the SiteKiosk user is a member of the local Windows user group named user. This group is already equipped with fewer rights than the administrator group. The System Security Manager lets you limit these rights further still to make using SiteKiosk even more secure.

During installation, SiteKiosk will configure the settings of the default SiteKiosk user for safe operation. In most cases, these settings should suffice and not require any additional changes.  If you do need to make changes later on, however, the SiteKiosk System Security Manager will welcome with the following options whose changes will be adopted upon pressing the OK button.

1. Safe

This is the recommended option which will be applied during the installation process if you perform a standard installation. The settings that will be loaded and set for the SiteKiosk user account are the default settings defined by the System Security Manager. For an overview of the settings, select the custom settings.

2. Unprotected

This option loads the standard Windows rights applying to the SiteKiosk user. The SiteKiosk user will then have the same rights as a user belonging to the Windows user group named user. 

This option may be a good choice if you want to log on with your SiteKiosk user without launching SiteKiosk under Windows or if you want to apply user-defined settings in other applications. We recommend that you switch the setting for the SiteKiosk user back to safe.

3. Custom

Lets you specify access rights in detail and change the password for the SiteKiosk user account. For more detailed information, refer to the following pages in this help console.

4. Disabled

If you disable the System Security Manager, you will no longer be shown any warnings. You can use this option if you want to run SiteKiosk under a different user and bypass the Security System Manager. Use this option with caution.