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SiteKiosk System Security Manager - Programs

Users might want to make use of the (system) applications included in your copy of Windows to try and re-configure or manipulate your system. It is exactly for this reason that you should make these applications inaccessible to users logged on as restricted users.

1. Critical programs

Leave the checkbox "Enable protection" on to disable the execution of all programs that may affect security.

All applications listed here whose check box is turned on will not be available for execution under the SiteKiosk user account.

Users will usually not even need most of the programs that are included on the list. However, if you do want to allow a program, simply turn off the associated checkbox.

2. Advanced settings (add additional programs)

This option allows you to add programs that you want to include on the list of applications so that your users will not be able to access them.

Please make sure not to deny the execution of programs that are required for your system to operate properly.

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