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SiteKiosk System Security Manager - Apply Changes

Open the Quick-start dialog box or the Custom settings and click on OK to bring up a dialog box with a list of the changes that are supposed to be applied to the settings. Use the function "Apply changes" to have all the adjustments you made with regard to the access rights and the file system applied to the user account "SiteKiosk." Press Yes to confirm the dialog box and apply the changes.

If you use the unregistered version of SiteKiosk, you will only be able to apply the default settings.

A dialog box indicated the progress with which the changes are applied will come up when you click on the Yes button. Please do not interrupt this process.

The application of the changes may take several minutes. This is primarily due to the read/write access rights which must be assigned to all directories of your hard drive.

All changes will have been applies when the progress indicator is no longer moving and you can click on the OK button.

The configuration for the System Security Manager can be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
This is usually not required because the default security settings of SiteKiosk and the limited SiteKiosk Windows user are sufficient.
Since the encryption is using the SiteKiosk license key, you will need a valid license key. Encrypted configuration files are only readable on computers where the same SiteKiosk license key is available.

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