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User Account - System Security Manager

This section contains the settings you can adjust for the SiteKiosk user account.
1. Restricted user account:
1.1 User name
The login is composed of user name and password. The user name assigned to the SiteKiosk user account is "SiteKiosk" and cannot be changed.
1.2 Display name
Windows allows you to display a user's name. The default display name is "SiteKiosk Restricted User Account." You can, however, enter a different display name in the display name field.
1.3 Show display name on Windows login screen
Once logged out, a user will usually be taken to the Windows login screen. This screen shows all available user names. Turning off the checkbox will hide the name set in the display name field on the login screen. We do, however, advise you against hiding the name on the login screen.
1.4 Change password
This section allows you to change the SiteKiosk user password. The default password is "provisio."
It is irrelevant to the System Security Manager whether the SiteKiosk password is known to the user. This applies, in particular, if SiteKiosk is launched in auto start mode. It is, however, up to you whether you want to change the password in order to increase security even further.


When changing the SiteKiosk user password, use only this option rather than changing the password in the User Administration of Windows.

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