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System setup

As SiteKiosk is an application designed to run on Windows, it cannot take control of your system until the Windows kernel has been loaded.

As soon as you turn on or boot up your computer, changes can be made to your system unless you have taken reasonable precautions. This page will inform you on how you should set up your system in order to protect it effectively from the very beginning.

Whenever possible, always use a NEWLY installed Windows system. We also recommend that you refrain from installing unnecessary software components.

1. Employing BIOS security mechanisms

Modern versions of BIOS offer a large number of security features with which the user or system administrator should become familiar. However, under no circumstances should inexperienced users make changes to the BIOS settings because they can easily cause serious damage.
1.1 Password protection
Most versions of BIOS allow you to activate password protection. You should always make use of this feature unless you can find other ways of protecting your computer against unauthorized access. In most cases, you must decide whether the password will be verified when the computer is started or only if someone tries to access the BIOS settings. In some cases, you may even be allowed to specify different passwords for the different checks.
In order to prevent unauthorized users from changing the BIOS settings, you should always enable the setup or administrator's password.
1.2 Boot sequence
The boot sequence should be set in a way that the system will always try to boot from the hard disk first. Thus, you should define, for example, "C,A,D" within your settings.
In this way, you will protect your system from viruses and manipulation. Apart from that, this procedure saves time, and the CD/floppy disk drive will be spared additional wear and tear.
1.3 Bootable USB devices
Make sure that the ability to boot from USB devices is turned off in the BIOS because users may otherwise be able to use those devices for manipulating your system.
2. Security settings for Windows 8, 10

When you install SiteKiosk on Windows 8, 10 a new restricted Windows user with the name SiteKiosk will be created. By default SiteKiosk runs under this user when started in Autostart mode. The System Security Wizard makes it possible for you to conveniently set up all the relevant security settings for the SiteKiosk user.
3. Installing SiteKiosk

After considering the information provided above, you are ready to install SiteKiosk. To install SiteKiosk, simply execute the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions. Click here for more information.

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