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Hi, we have problem that a Sitekiosk client won't download project because not connected.
It has contact, you have full file access, it can take screen shots and has all status of the client.
But it won't download the project..
This happened after Windows updates.
I've tried powershell to port 443 to check connection status that is ok. I have tried to disable firewall to see if that is the problem but no luck... I've reinstalled Sitekiosk, unregister and register with a different name but nothing works...
I've checked windows system and app logs but no error for Sitekiosk.
What should I check more to see why Sitekiosk isn't connected when trying to publish project?

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Re: Sitekiosk online can't download project 08/06/2023 22:03
Same here.

We have a single device that is not updating, and the issue arose after Windows updates were installed on it. It is connected (can be remotely accessed using VNC through the admin portal). Project state shows "Not displaying content or not responding," but it is on, it is idle, and the SiteKiosk "No content available" screen is displayed.

I uninstalled the newer Windows updates (KB5026435 and KB5026361) and even tried uninstalling and re-installing the SiteKiosk Online client, still no luck.
Re: Sitekiosk online can't download project 09/06/2023 09:10

in general, there are no known problems with publishing projects on to a SKO client.

If you have a restrictive firewall that also checks protocols, you can check if wss (secure websocket) is allowed in addition to https (on the Client). This does not affect the normal Windows firewall with the default settings.

Also note that the publishing of the project via default always happens only when the set idle time (default 5 minutes) is reached (to not interrupt the use).
If you don't want that, you can enable the option "Update content immediately on the client (terminate user session, don't wait for idle mode)" when publishing.

Otherwise the log of the client (>Monitoring>[computer name]>Logfiles) is always the first starting point

If this does not help you, the best way is to contact our support by e-mail, with the log information and the information what is the name of your team on

For EU customers (kenneth): support-europe(at)
For US customers (adavis): support-america(at)

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