Developer Blog

DevBlog: Activate webpage debugging on a SiteKiosk Online client

9. January 2024

This devblog entry describes how to activate the DevTools window with advanced options to debug webpages in a SiteKiosk Online browser

Developer Blog

DevBlog: How to launch applications from the download manager

4. October 2023

The following developer blog entry describes how to open certain file types in predefined applications over the download manager.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Trigger video play from another client

11. July 2023

The latest SiteKiosk-DevBlog article describes how to control videos across multiple devices.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Build a button to trigger an action event

25. May 2023

This devblog entry describes how to create a button with which you can trigger a system shutdown or restart.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Content of a Secondary Monitor

2. February 2021

Dynamically Change the Content of a Secondary Monitor.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Trigger Actions at a Specific Time and Day

22. December 2020

Trigger Actions at a Specific Time and Day.