FAQ: SiteKiosk and proxy servers


Generally SiteKiosk will adopt the proxy settings of your Internet Explorer.
But since SiteKiosk 7.5 the proxy settings can be configured globally in the SiteKiosk configuration.
("-->Management-->Connection-->Use proxy server" / "-->Maintenance-->Conection-->Use proxy server")

However, these proxy settings only apply to the browser.
The "SiteRemote Client" service that connects to the SiteRemote server always needs a direct TCP connection via 8086 to the server.
FAQ: SiteRemote and Proxy Server

More information about SiteKiosk and Proxy Server:
- Proxy with username and password:
This is only for versions that contain the content filter (Plus Bundle, Payment Bundle, Non-Profit Edition).
If your proxy needs a username and a password and you want to automatize the proxy login, you have the possibility to safe these settings in the advanced settings of the SiteCoach filter. (-->Plus-/Payment Bundle-->Content Filter-->Advanced)

There are not further options in SiteKiosk (regarding the proxy) besides these two.
The rest is up to the proxy and how it handles the requests.

Problems with local addresses:
If you are using SiteCoach at the same time, you might come across the problem that local addresses (e.g. Intranet) can no longer be resolved.

The following measure might help:
Check the box "use a proxy server" in the IE settings under "EXTRAS/Internet Options/Connections/LAN settings" and enable the addtional option "Bypass proxy server for local addresses".
This will result in the fact that accessing both the INTERNET and the INTRANET will work flawlessly in IE but not so in SiteKiosk if SiteCoach is enabled.

With proxy servers disabled, SiteKiosk will be able to display INTRANET pages without any problem even if SiteCoach is enabled. Nevertheless, you will then no longer be able to access INTERNET pages.

Now, please go to the settings of your WWW proxy server. In the category CONNECTION, please enable BYPASS PROXY FOR LOCAL SITES (pingable sites).
Now it should work.

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Re: SiteKiosk and proxy servers 10/05/2010 12:09
Previous versions:
SiteKiosk uses the proxy settings of the IE (Internet Explorer/Tools/InternetOptions/Connections/LanSettings/Proxy).
As the IE proxy settings are user dependent you have to change these settings at the SiteKiosk user account.

FAQ: “How to change user dependent Windows settings of the SiteKiosk user“:
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