Case Study – Electronic Shopping Advice

POS marketing specialist relies on android-based kiosk software

Targeting customers at the point of sale (POS) is a key success factor in the retail industry. More than half of all purchasing decisions are made directly at the point of sale. Interactive informa-tion terminals, so-called kiosk systems, are increasingly finding their way into stores. A specialist in interactive advertising and consulting is now using an Android-based kiosk solution to present goods at the POS, enabling technically improved and at the same time cost-optimized electronic shopping advice.

The Challenge

In addition to its own resources, gekartel AG relies on software experts for kiosk systems for its POS solutions. Well-known brand manufacturers already trust the know-how of the german POS marketing service provider. In the course of the search for technical innovations and optimization possi-bilities, gekartel came up with the research for a software for Android-based security kiosk software, the solution SiteKiosk from PROVISIO came into focus. The company specializes in software solutions for public access computer systems such as kiosk PCs and digital signage terminals.

Interactive and cost-effective product advice at the sales shelf

The use of android-based tablets in public salesrooms is becoming increasingly popular, as they are inexpensive and compact, yet as powerful as classic PC systems. "But especially in order to be able to control and monitor Android systems professionally, you need a powerful and flexible partner who is able to adapt the software to gekartel's own Android system," says Klaus Schäfer, CEO and founding member of gekartel AG, explaining the decision to choose SiteKiosk.

Together with PROVISIO, we developed an android-based platform that SiteKiosk is based on. The solution enables us to together with the application-specific software products can now offer our customers POS tools that are up to 50% below the price of qualitatively comparable PC solutions. This has enabled us to significantly increase not only our competitiveness, but also that of our customers.

Klaus Schäfer, CEO and founding member of gekartel AG

The Solution

Addressing customers in a target group-oriented and emotional manner

The SiteKiosk-based applications from the POS marketing professionals are intuitive to use and visually appealing. Depending on the customer's wishes, they can provide wide-ranging product information at the point of sale, address the end customer emotionally and thus ensure a pleasant sales atmosphere, or be used for promotional content and thus for customer loyalty. However, it can also be used as an interactive product finder that guides customers to a purchase decision. Tefal, for example, uses this advisory function with its pan advisor developed by gekartel AG. Once the pan advisor has finally found a pan that matches the customer's requirements - gas, electric or induction stove? Mid-range or professional model? - the pan advisor, like all comparable information terminals, can be used to provide further information as required, thanks to the connection to various peripheral devices: For example, product information can be sent to the customer via email or alternatively printed out directly on site, and additional information can be found using the QR scanner. The additional functions controlled via SiteKiosk, such as email, printer, barcode or QR scanner, together with the interactive product presentation, result in an extraordinary multifaceted and effective marketing tool at the POS. In the future, it is even conceivable that the cam-era integrated in the tablet will be used for facial recognition, so that, for example, a man could be recommended the grill pan and a woman directly the wok pan.
Digital pan advisor

The Prospect

Stable and flexible software solution

Since the beginning of 2013, SiteKiosk has been integrated into gekartel's application-specific software. "Not only our customers are thrilled because they now only have to pay about half for comparable quality," says Schäfer. "Our expectations have been met, and we are very pleased to note that the solution runs extremely stably, as we had hoped, and can adapt flexibly to the respective requirements." Klaus Schäfer also has nothing but positive things to say about the collaboration with PROVISIO:

The support is fast, flexible and good. There are always clear statements as to whether something works or not. We had already had extremely good experiences with the company in the environment of Windows-based solutions. That was one of the reasons why we decided to go with PROVISIO again.

Klaus Schäfer, CEO and founding member of gekartel AG

This shows that, in addition to special hardware, professional software is essential for the sustainable success of an interactive product presentation. The better a kiosk system functions, the greater the customer acceptance and satisfaction. And since the multimedia information terminals address customers precisely at the moment when they make their purchase decisions, they effectively create additional sales for the retailer, whether via android- or windows-based kiosk terminals.

The advantages of SiteKiosk for gekartel:

  • Flexible adaptation of SiteKiosk software to partner's own Windows/Android systems
  • Increasing competitiveness through customer-oriented implementation
  • Favorable POS solutions for customers thanks to partnership cooperation

About gekartel

gekartel AG, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, is one of the proven all-rounders when it comes to interactive advertising and consulting at the POS. Founded in 1998, the company offers POS devices, application development, service and maintenance for POS solutions from a single source. Both individual multimedia terminals and complete solutions for kiosk systems are part of the range of services.

Case Study

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