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The COVID Certificate Verifier facilitates access control for operators in sectors with large numbers of visitors such as dining, concerts, theater, sporting events and hotels. This application is only available in the EU.

The application supports all types of certificates and works with kiosks and Android tablets.

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How does the COVID Certificate Verifier work?

With the COVID Certificate Verifier you can organize entrance controls faster and perform verification reliably. The application supports all three certificate types: Vaccination, recovery and test certificates.

Your visitors hold the QR code on the certificate in front of the scanner or camera at the entrance and directly see whether the verification was successful or failed indicated by a green or red colored message on a display. As an operator, you can supplement the verification result for unique identification with a check of the personal data by displaying the full name and date of birth on a second display and matching it with the ID card. The application works on a single display and also on Android tablets. These can be used by employees for quick checks during entrance controls.

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What do I need to use the COVID Certificate Verifier? Are there any technical requirements?

To use the COVID Certificate Verifier, install SiteKiosk on your device and connect it to our cloud service. After initialization, the device will work for up to 30 days without server contact.

To check the certificate, you need either an Android tablet or a Windows PC with a camera or QR code scanner at the entrance to read the QR code specified in the certificate, as well as a screen that displays the status information for your visitors.

Display Verification status and personal data

Is the data protected during the check with the COVID Certificate Verifier?

The application reads only the information of the certificate provided by the QR code and checks its validity: Status of the certificate, name and date of birth of the person.

You decide how the result of the verification should be displayed - whether visible to visitors as a red or green colored message on a public display or only to employees, who can additionally view the personal data. Optionally, the certificate data can be saved with the time stamp of the scan.

In which sectors is the COVID Certificate Verifier used?

Culture & Events

Exhibitions, concerts, dance clubs, theaters, museums, operas


Restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs


Gyms and sporting events


Check-in at the airport


Stays in hotels


Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, rehabilitation facilities

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