Girls’ and Boys’ Day – Future Day for young Pupils


Girls’ and Boys’ Day – Future Day for young Pupils

April 26, 2024

We welcomed Zoe, Pauline and Dexter to this year’s Girls’ & Boys’ Day. For one day, our young visitors were able to take a look behind the scenes at SiteKiosk Online.

The Germany-wide Girls’ and Boys’ Day took place this year on 25 April 2024. This day offers school pupils the opportunity to spend a day getting a taste of companies of their choice and familiarising themselves with the corporate culture. This day is also known as Future Day for Boys and Girls, providing them with important insights into promising professional fields.

PROVISIO GmbH was visited by Zoe, Pauline and Dexter at the Münster site. In short texts, the three describe what they experienced that day:

Dexter, 12 years old, said:

‘I was at PROVISIO GmbH on Girls and Boys Day and saw a lot: for example, a lift-and-learn solution and a chip system. With the lift-and-learn devices, you could lift an Eiffel Tower and a possible trip to Paris was shown on the kiosk display. The chip system was about how to log in and out as an employee or what to press when taking a break. We then went to the offices of the individual employees. We met marketing staff, software developers and programmers. The online shop and important things in accounting were explained to us. Finally, we met the boss. He explained to us how everything works here and what he does.’

Zoe, 14 years old, reported:

‘First, the company founder showed us some examples of how to make transfers, i.e. how the money is transferred when a product is purchased. We then looked at an interactive kiosk solution and also created our own project. We then took a tour of the company and learnt which tasks are carried out in which offices. These included the design office, the marketing department and the development area, where scripts are written and software bugs are fixed. We also looked at how the website is designed and how to buy a licence in the online shop.’

Pauline, aged 14, added:

‘We have trialled a terminal where employees can sign in and out with a chip. It shows how long they have already worked that day and which employees are not there.’

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to Girls’ and Boys’ Day 2025!