SiteKiosk Online 1.2 is now available on the cloud platform

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online 1.2 is now available on the cloud platform

May 11, 2023

Main feature of this release is the new theming feature. From now on, the theming feature allows you to easily switch between predefined themes in new templates.

In addition, you can customize the colors, text styles and lengths of your elements in one central place. Existing projects can also use theme values to make it easier to change the appearance of the project in the future. Several new templates have been added, each in a vertical and horizontal variant, and the new project page has been redesigned in the process.

The job editor has been redesigned to combine single run, time-based and event-based jobs for a clearer workflow and the job overview has been restructured.

The ability to change the color of .svg images has been added along with a new and improved color picker with the ability to select colors from the screen. Also elements can now be configured to be displayed with a shadow.

In addition, the browser toolbar and taskbar placeholders in the editor now more accurately reflect the chosen system color and enabled ui elements. Project and client settings have been unified in one dialog.

Electron was updated in the client to version 24.1.2 with Chromium version 112.0.5615.8.

With the new SiteKiosk Online 1.2 version, several bug fixes and optimizations were also added.

The installer for on-premise servers will be available shortly.