SiteKiosk Online 1.4.1 is available on the cloud platform


SiteKiosk Online 1.4.1 is available on the cloud platform

May 6, 2024

The core contents of the update are the launch of an American SiteKiosk server and optimised licence management with automatic renewal of expiring licences.

A new SiteKiosk online server has been set up on the American continent for more effective data transmission and to promote location independence. All data generated is stored in the USA in order to fulfil certain US regulations.

New teams can now choose which server location they want to use for their projects. Existing teams will continue to use the EU server

To simplify the management of licences, licences can now be merged in the licence area. The number of licensed clients and the end date of several licences are combined in one licence.

At the same time, “Automatic renewal” can now be activated for licences. This automatically extends the licence by one year before the expiry date. The renewal function can be activated in the user account at

In addition to the new SiteKiosk server and optimised licence management, a window blocking rule has been integrated for new Windows 11 ad campaigns: Unwanted adverts and banners displayed by the operating system are actively blocked.

Electron has been updated in the client to version 29.1.4 with Chromium 122.0.6261.129.

The system update also includes some bug fixes and further optimisations.

The installer is now available.