Version History

SiteKiosk Online 1.2.9660

May 11, 2023

SiteKiosk Online feature release. With this update, SiteKiosk Online received several features, enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Added a new theming feature that allows you to easily switch between predefined themes in new templates. In addition, you can customize the colors, text styles and lengths of your elements in one central place
  • Existing projects can also use theme values to make it easier to change the appearance of the project in the future
  • Added several new templates, each in a vertical and horizontal variant and redesigned the new project page
  • The job editor has been redesigned to combine single run, time-based and event-based jobs for a clearer workflow. Restructured the job overview
  • Added the ability to change the color of .svg images in the editor and added a new and improved color picker with the ability to select colors from the screen
  • The browser toolbar and taskbar placeholders in the editor now more accurately reflect the chosen system color and enabled ui elements
  • Unified the project and client settings in one dialog, added shadow settings to elements

Fixes and updates:

  • Updated Electron to version 24.1.2 with chromium 112.0.5615.8
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

SiteKiosk Online 1.1.8797

March 16, 2023

SiteKiosk Online bugfix release. An installer for this version will be available at a later date.


  • Correction of the timestamp of the client logs on the server for time zones outside the server's time zone

SiteKiosk Online 1.1.8795

January 25, 2023

SiteKiosk Online bugfix and service release. An installer for this version is available on request.

Fixes and updates:

  • Electron update for chrome 108.0.5359.12
  • Problem with first auto start
  • Memory leak in the server
  • Display the used font in the CKEditor
  • Startup Script

SiteKiosk Online 1.1.8789

December 14, 2022

SiteKiosk Online bugfix release. An installer for this version is available on request.


  • Content update problem for android clients at first start
  • Problem to deliver configuration changes

SiteKiosk Online 1.1.8788

December 12, 2022

SiteKiosk Online feature release. With this update, SiteKiosk Online received several features and enhancements.


  • VNC access is now web-based and can be started in the browser without being required to install an additional application (requires new client). In addition to Windows devices, many Android devices are now supported
  • Added several new project settings (printing, window management, etc.)
  • The publishing process has been adjusted so that new content is only pushed to terminals when there is no active user on the device. Direct publishing is still possible
  • The Smart Kiosk Control feature is now integrated into the Windows client and can be activated in the project settings (requires new client)
  • Various bug fixes and optimization for the browser, printing and PDF display

SiteKiosk Online 1.0.8542

September 13, 2022

SiteKiosk Online bugfix release.


  • The display of PDF documents
  • I-frames in Web pages in the SiteKiosk browser
  • The function of the "Offline" page
  • Installation problems of the client under certain circumstances.

SiteKiosk Online 1.0.8537

July 6, 2022

SiteKiosk Online combines the features of SiteKiosk and SiteRemote / SiteCaster in one product and develops them further. With just one license, you can use the full scope of our powerful kiosk software solution.


  • Securing the kiosk operation (hardening of the OS)
  • Secure browser (URL filter, configurable functions, ...)
  • Digital signage (images, videos, embedded web pages, ...)
  • Interactive applications (product advisors, order terminals, edutainment, ...)
  • System monitoring (central machine status, warning messages, statistics, ...)
  • Remote administration (freely definable task distribution, VNC access, ...)