Smart Kiosk Control


Smart Kiosk Control

July 16, 2021

Remote Control terminals via Smartphone

Usage behavior for terminals in public spaces is changing to comply with new hygiene guidelines. The new feature Smart Kiosk Control offers an alternative input for terminals by enabling touchless operation using your own smartphone. Smart Kiosk Control is also a great choice for hosting presentations or to increase accessibility of the terminal.

Smart Kiosk Control


Your smartphone works as a remote on the terminal similar to the way a touchpad moves a mouse pointer. Left and right mouse clicks are triggered via on-screen buttons on the mobile device. Your device can also be used to enter text and numbers. Alternatively, separate remote control interfaces can be generated for your own SiteKiosk or CMS applications (formerly SiteCaster).

Technical Implementation

A public website is called via QR code that opens the Smart Kiosk Control. Communication takes place via websocket connection between the mobile device and a public server (e.g. SiteRemote) with internal tunneling to the terminal. The connection is limited in time so that the terminal is not blocked permanently. In custom projects, the communication channel between kiosk and smartphone can be used for any purpose and with its own user interface, if desired.