Vacaciones de Navidad de la empresa
Desde el 21 de Diciembre 2015 hasta el 3 de enero 2016, nuestra oficina en Münster trabaja con un equipo mínimo. Soporte limitado está disponible durante este período.
Deseamos a ustedes y sus familas Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo.

M.S.N.F. Solucoes Informaticas, Lda.

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Partteam Group Portugal is proud to be one of the top world MANUFACTURERS of multimedia kiosks, having his own models and produce equipment to suite needs of our customers.

Kiosks presented are result of high developing of design, production and industrial architecture departments of Grupo Partteam to respect specific needs of our clients (like special infrastructural or technical conditions)

We have a network of authorized partners and distributors in Portugal and authorized partners and distributors in Spain, France, Italy, etc. providing a full hardware and software kiosk solutions.

Partteam Group is a multi-departments company, having capabilities in innumerable areas as production, industrial architecture, design and advertising, hardware engineering and telecommunications, software development, web based applications, payment gateways, kiosks browser software, etc.


Sistemas completos Componentes de Hardware Software Servicios
Sistemas completos
Terminal de pantalla táctil
Terminal externo
kiosko al por menor
Foto kiosko
Kiosko de Video email
Kiosko informativo
Kiosko de información de producto
Self-Service Kiosko
SiteKiosk kiosk software (Windows)
SiteCafe software
SiteRemote software de gestión
Software de grabación de horario
Software de control de acceso
Management del proyecto
Alquiler del terminal
Control de contenido
Diseño del interface del usuario HTML
Instalación en-sitio
Mantenimiento en-sitio
Servicio de limpieza en-sitio
Servicio de reparaciones en-sitio
Disposición de monedas en-sitio
Monitoreo remoto

Kiosk SlimW

The SlimW model was developed for use in interior or exterior with some environmental protection

The SlimW15, 17 or 19 models have the same characteristics and dimensions, snd the only difference among them is the size of the tactile monitor, 15”, 17”, or 19” inches.

This model can be manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 with ground glass joint finishing or steel with paint finishing using steel plate of 1,5mm to 2,5mm which ensures the stability and rigidity of the all structure.
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