General Questions

What is SiteKiosk?

SiteKiosk is a software solution that ensures public-access kiosk devices are tamper-proof and run in a reliable and stable manner on Windows and Android. In addition to webbased content such as websites, PDF or videos, any type of application (e.g., mobile apps, web apps or your own applications) can be securely integrated. With the help of SiteKiosk you can define how to restrict access to websites, the operating system, system settings and programs. In combination with other security measures, SiteKiosk secures the operating system right from system boot up.

Furthermore, you can design interactive kiosk applications and professional digital signage campaigns entirely according to your wishes and requirements. Monitor and manage your device fleet remotely with SiteKiosk’s remote management tools.

How do I install the SiteKiosk Online software?

Generally, there are 3 methods to install a SiteKiosk Online client and log on to the server.

1st method (recommended)

You download the preconfigured client from Dashboard > Start (bottom right). This client is automatically logged in to the team you download the client from after installation. Certificate validation is disabled by default so it will work on self-installed servers without a valid https certificate.

2nd method

You download the “general” client installer from Dashboard > Downloads and manually log it into the server after installation.

3rd method

You download the “general” client installer from Dashboard > Downloads and log it on to the server with a prepared autoregistration.config.

How do I install the SiteKiosk Online server software

You will find all information about the SiteKiosk Online Server installation process here.
The guide contains information about the SiteKiosk Online server software. The server version lets you manage your team account(s) and their client devices from your own server.

Where can I find the requirements and the manual for SiteKiosk Online?

The SiteKiosk Online Help can be found here.

License Questions

Do I need a license for each PC, terminal or tablet?

Yes, you need one license for each kiosk device. You can purchase an overall license for all devices for a better overview in case of larger quantities.

Why is my old license deleted when I buy a version update for it?

Since a new license is generated with the version update, it replaces the old license. Please provide the license information or invoice number of the license for which you want a version update when placing your order.

How is the license delivered?

After you have made your purchase in the shop, you will receive an automatic order confirmation email. After your order is processed, you will receive a second email containing two or more PDF files: The invoice and your license certificates.

How do I pay the invoice? Where can I find the payment information?

You will receive the invoice by e-mail. Please pay the amount due with reference to the invoice number, within the specified payment period. The payment information can be found in the footer of the invoice.

Which license do I need for SiteKiosk Online?

SiteKiosk Online includes in each license everything needed to deploy a kiosk system, the server access and the SiteKiosk client software, whether for Windows or for Android.

Which product can I use if my kiosk does not have Internet access?

In this case, only SiteKiosk Classic Windows or SiteKiosk Classic Android can be used. SiteKiosk Online requires Internet access to our server (cloud service) or the operation of your own (on-premise) server.

I want to not only secure my kiosk devices, but also monitor them remotely and use the content management system for digital signage and kiosk applications. What license do I need for this?

SiteKiosk Online includes all of these features and also offers free updates and support throughout its lifetime.

Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

The End User License Agreement (EULA) can be found here.