FAQ: Exit SiteKiosk Android


You can exit SiteKiosk Android with a gesture or by using the home button.
Please see here for further information:

In case neither the gesture nor the home button work (also see http://www.provisio.com/en-US/CustomerSupportCenter/ArticleDetails.aspx?ArticleID=22186) there are 3 options left.

1. If SiteKiosk is registered to a SiteRemote Team (https://www.siteremote.net) you can send a job to quit SiteKiosk Android.

2. You put a text file named skreset.txt into the SiteKiosk folder in the internal storage of your Android device to close SiteKiosk. To place the txt file in the folder you e.g. can connect the Android Tablet via USB to a Windows PC (please note that it depends on the Android device if this works).
With the licensed version of SiteKiosk Android the skreset.txt file needs to contain the license code. With the unlicensed version just use an empty txt file.
At the next restart of the SiteKiosk Browser it will be checked and SiteKiosk closed.

3. You start Android in safe mode and put a text file named skreset.txt into the SiteKiosk folder or uninstall SiteKiosk via Android App settings.

Please note:
After booting in safe mode you may need to login. SiteKiosk sets the lock screen password to 1234 or to your master password (part of the license information you receive when purchasing SiteKiosk Android) once SiteKiosk is registered
You need to disable SiteKiosk in the “Device Administrators” settings of Android before you can uninstall SiteKiosk Android.

How to reboot the device in save mode depends on the device.
Here is one method you can try:
“…Press and hold the Power button while SiteKiosk is running until the device reboots
Then release the Power button, and press and hold the Volume down button until your device boots up. You can let go when you see the words “Safe mode” in bottom-left corner…”
Source: “How to turn on Safe mode on a Samsung Galaxy”

Otherwise you need to check the support documents of the manufacturer.

4. You reset the tablet to factory defaults and start from scratch with installing SiteKiosk again

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