Bug Report: Speech Recognition not available on Chromium


1. Open Windows Site Kiosk Chromium browser.

2. Visit one of the following:

3. Speech recongition API is not available. (Compare with the same site in native Chrome browser.)


We are using a Windows Site Kiosk with the Chromium browser.
We need to open a webpage using the Speech Recongition API: https://hbreavis.moybo.com/.

The page works fine in Chrome browser on the same machine, however in Site Kiosk, the Speech Recongition API is not available.
When tested on multiple sites, the microphone access works fine, the only issue seems to be the recognition API which does not work on any webpage we tried.

Can you advise us how to turn the support on?

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Re: Speech Recognition not available on Chromium 1/24/2020 9:18 AM

This is not a bug but is caused by the fact that the corresponding API keys are not integrated into the Chromium CEF engine used by SiteKiosk.
If you want to test it outside of SiteKiosk:
SiteKiosk 9.7.5232 uses Chromium 76.0.3809.132 Windows 32 Bit. Here you can find the corresponding Chromium test application for download (unzip 2x and run the cefclient.exe in the "Release" folder) which is currently used in SiteKiosk 9.7.5232 (Chromium 76.0.3809.132 Windows 32 Bit):

Solution you can try:
If this speech recognition API is required, you can test if it works by adding the appropriate API key yourself.
See: “Providing Keys at Runtime” at this page https://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/api-keys
This page explains it a little easier.:

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