FAQ: Autostart Problems after Windows Updates from February 2020 - Windows error message "We can't sign in to your account"


Unfortunately, we had to find out that the last Windows patches from February 2020 contained a change by Microsoft that prevented you from logging on with the SiteKiosk user.

To solve the problem, you will have to log off the temporary profile and log on with an administrator user.
Then you can run this small patcher application and then restart the computer.


If SiteKiosk was in auto start mode when the problem occurred, SiteKiosk should be run again after restarting the computer.

- The patcher application may not work if the SiteKiosk user has been changed by means other than using the SiteKiosk System Security Manager.
- Your virus scanner may find the patcher application suspicious because it accesses the registry and makes changes to the rights of the SiteKiosk user.
- Note that you need to re-run the patcher application each time you are using the SiteKiosk System Security Manager to set the SiteKiosk user to Protected unless you are using the SiteKiosk version that explicitly fixes this problem.
- You can also run the patch (UserAccessPatcher.exe) before Windows updates are applied to prevent the temporary user profile from loading.
- If the keyboard is locked, please see case 3 here:

The patch file can also be distributed and executed via the SiteRemote job system.
On our SiteRemote server at https://www.siteremote.net you will find a corresponding job template (>SiteKiosk>Jobs>Job Templates>Fix for Windows Update Problem February 2020) that you can send to your SiteKiosk clients.

If you are running your own SiteRemote Server, you can create the job template as follows (5 steps)
1. Select the action type "File Upload" in which you upload the patcher file to SiteRemote.
for the target path.

2. Select the action type "Operating System Command" with "Logout (Windows only)
This step is optional and only needs to be applied if the SiteKiosk user is currently logged on to the client computer.

3. Select the action type "Delay execution of the next step" and select 2 minutes to give the user time to log off

4. Select the action type "Run executable".
for the command line.

5. Select the action type "Operating system command" with "Restart".
If SiteKiosk was in auto start mode when the problem occurred, SiteKiosk should be run again after restarting the computer.

A fixed SiteKiosk version is available here:

The problem is not limited to SiteKiosk. Several users report similar errors with user profiles after applying the Windows updates of February 2020, e.g. https://www.zdnet.com/article/second-windows-10-update-is-now-causing-problems-by-hiding-user-profiles/ or https://borncity.com/win/2020/02/13/windows-10-update-kb4532693-kills-user-data-profile/.

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