Bug Report: Running an executable at regular privilege


Attempting to run JAWS (jfw.exe) under SiteKiosk user and get an error message "The requested operation requires elevation", but running the same program under another user, not administrator, it runs normally.


I believe I read somewhere in your documentation/KB that programs running under the user account "SiteKiosk" run with limited/restricted privilege. Is it possible to run an executable with "regular" user privilege? What do you recommend when running an executable and it says "The requested operation requires elevation" under the SiteKiosk user, but when run from a normal user the executable run as its supposed to in regular user space?

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Re: Running an executable at regular privilege 5/27/2020 8:56 PM
Note the same message, "The requested operation requires elevation", appears when attempting to run ZoomText (zt.exe). We've heard through another vendor that also uses JAWS/ZoomText that Calvin may be able to assist.
Re: Running an executable at regular privilege 5/28/2020 8:03 PM
JAWS requires Windows Admin rights to run. You can change the default SiteKiosk Windows user account to an admin in the Windows control panel. If you do not run under the default SiteKiosk user, the Windows autostart user must have Windows admin rights.
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