FAQ: SiteKiosk and external applications


In general, SiteKiosk has no direct influence on external applications, but has 2 settings that can restrict their execution:

1. Windows & Dialog Management:
SiteKiosk can use the so-called Windows & Dialog Management to block certain dialogs based on their title and/or window class.
If you want / need to allow a certain dialog that is blocked by default, you can create a new entry with the corresponding title (or alternatively delete the corresponding entry that blocks the window) under -->Access/Security-->Block system critical windows & dialog boxes-->Settings".

If SiteKiosk blocks a certain window, you will also find a notification in the SiteKiosk Log (...\SiteKiosk\Logfiles).

[SiteKiosk\Notification: According to the window monitoring rule (title: 'xxxxxxxx' class: 'xxxxxx'), the window (title: 'xxxxxxxx' class: 'xxxxxxxxx') will be closed

You can find further information here:

2. Access rights of the SiteKiosk user:
In "Auto Start" mode, the SiteKiosk browser will be started within the restricted local SiteKiosk user account. Here, limited rights to folders apply (-->Customized-->File system-->Folder access>read only, no access...) and certain EXE programs are blocked in general (-->Customized-->Programs).

To change the user rights for the SiteKiosk user, you can use the System Security Manager in the admin account (e.g. to provide full access to the folder containing the EXE to be launched).
For further information, please click here:

For more information on troubleshooting, please refer to the article "Troubleshooting Guidelines for Using External Applications with SiteKiosk Windows":

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