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I would like to create a link to a word document that is in a shared location on our network, but I'm not sure how to do it. I looked through the FAQ, but I wasn't able to locate what I needed to create the link. I know that I can easily create links to various websites and I have the option of putting the document out on our Sharepoint site if that make's it easier.

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Re: File link 10/8/2020 4:01 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. You can connect to other network drives while using SiteKiosk but you have to map these drives before running SiteKiosk. SiteKiosk depends on the Windows settings you have setup at this point and they are user dependent. This applies to both admin and domain standard users. For the restricted user, you will need to set it to Unprotected status before you log in to make changes. Please see link:

Once the drive has been mapped, then you will need to ensure that the folder permissions will allow access from another user on the network to that folder. Say using Start Screen (tutorial video -, you could create an Application Link (due longer command string acceptance) and launch Microsoft Word with the parameters to the network path of the file. You can take a lot from this example found on the general web on Microsoft Word parameters:

You should still add Microsoft Word to the Applications list in the SiteKiosk configuration, so that SiteKiosk can close that window when the user walks away (Screensaver activation).

For any other common file types, like local html, images, videos (mp4/mov) or PDFs, you could use the SiteKiosk browser and the protocol "file:///" with the path to the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Html\myexamplefile.mp4 to open your files. With other file types, they will be downloaded to the Downloads folder. So you would need to allow Downloads (and with Chrome browser, set File Actions for doc/docx files without activating File Manager). This applies to Start Pages and weblinks used in SiteKiosk. If Surfing Area block is in place, you will need to make an exception for that folder too (if launching from the browser).

Another alterative is using File Manager to have your users search for the Word file to launch it. For the restricted user, you will need to allow folder access to the necessary drive letter in System Security Manager. Other users will follow the normal option of listing the desired directory paths in File Manager settings. You will need to setup Windows default file type settings for the doc/docx extension. Here are the examples with setting up for IE or Chrome:

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Re: File link 10/8/2020 4:54 PM

In addition to want was posted prior, if you have made changes to the restricted user by setting to Unprotected status and back to Protected status and have a SiteKiosk version less than 9.7 build 5324, then you will need to follow instructions here before Auto Start:

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