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Try to open pdf file in SK Chrome engine, it gets opened via internal pdf viewer, not external app.


right now we use Chrome engine for one of our customers.
When he opens a pdf file from web (for example pdf ), the pdf file is automatically opened inside the browser (in the SK's Chrome), which we do not want. We need to use external app for that (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC), which is allowed in SK config.

So what we need is to trigger "download" of the file, instead of automatically opening it in the browser.
I know that in the SK's Chrome Customize menu I can select various file actions (and force pdf to open externally), but the problem is that these do not trigger, unless the "download" is triggered.

Would it be possible to instruct SK's "internal Chrome engine" to download (open externally) those files?
It is possible in Chrome itself via GPO/registry ( ), but setting this does not seem to work on the Sitekiosk engine, just the Standard chrome browser app. No difference also when setting default apps in W10 for pdf files.

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Re: Chrome engine / opening pdf files 10/27/2020 2:09 PM

This is not a bug but a dedicated behavior.
If the web server does not explicitly deliver the PDF as a download (e.g. like this, the linked PDF file will be opened in the SiteKiosk browser.

But you can use this command line switch to disable the PDF plugin in Chrome Browser skin:


Here the information how to add command line switches:

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