Support Request: Auto Start doesn't work


Open administrator account -> Auto Start.



We are having an issue with Sitekiosk where Auto Start doesn't work. Starting once on Administration account the Sitekiosk works correctly, however when doing Auto Start it either:

1. Open Restricted Account but only displays desktop.

2. Display log in screensaver.

I've uploaded .config file. What could we do solve this issue? If needed we can provide Teamviewer access for the site so you can check out what causes this issue.

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Re: Auto Start doesn't work 2/23/2021 10:55 AM
Apparently attachment didn't go through for config - here is WeTransfer link:
Re: Auto Start doesn't work 2/23/2021 11:09 AM

I am sorry but the 6 years old SiteKiosk version 8.9 is out of support.
Also note that SiteKiosk 8.9 is not supported on Windows 10.

You may check again with the latest version (also possible before purchasing any license):

Michael Olbrich
Re: Auto Start doesn't work 2/25/2021 4:01 PM

The computer is running Windows 8.1, the problem occurred recently.

I have a question, if I install the latest SiteKiosk - will the license remain active?
Re: Auto Start doesn't work 2/25/2021 4:13 PM

The SiteKiosk 8.9 license is not valid for the current SiteKiosk version 9.8.
Generally you can update for free to all SiteKiosk versions that will be published within 12 months after buying your license.
After that time period you need to buy an update to use a newer version.

But you can also test it before purchasing an update (on the same or on any other machine)

Michael Olbrich
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