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Attached is the error I am receiving when installing the latest Kiosk. A couple days ago I tried installing the latest version because the version we were on was experiencing issues and since then I just have had nothing but problems. I either get a Roll back when installing or the error attached.

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Re: Error installing 4/13/2021 10:49 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. This is not a bug. When installing SiteKiosk in a secure network, you may encounter issues related to security settings on your computer regarding the local SiteKiosk user account. Or the account may have encountered issues in the past. To bypass this, we will install SiteKiosk without the user then install the user right after. See steps below:

Using Command Prompt -

(Part 1 )
This command will install SiteKiosk silently without the Restricted User, allow 20-30 mins depending on device:
Sitekiosk9.exe /S /V"/qn INSTALLSYSTEMSECURITYUSER=\"\""

(Part 2 )
To install the restricted user account later, you will use these commands in Command Prompt:

In Command Prompt, enter command: cd %SiteKioskPath% or cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk"

Then this command and wait for the prompt that it is finished: SystemSecurity /uninstall

Check if the directory named "SiteKiosk" still exists under "C:\Users". If so, delete it manually.

Run this last command (no prompts): SystemSecurity /install

Or change the command to include a strong password (free to edit "MyPassword12!") to match your organization's requirements: SystemSecurity /install [/user:SiteKiosk /pass:MyPassword12!]

Restart the computer.

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