FAQ: Creating a Vertical Layout for the SiteKiosk Start Screen


For a vertical layout you should create a group element first and then add elements to that group. You can then edit the layout of the group or of single elements within that group.

You may create a group element and then edit it to only have one element per row. Or you create a group with two (or whatever number you need) elements per row and then you add either 2 elements per row or insert a row with just one element that takes up the space of two elements.

Using the edit function is key to rearrange the layout to your liking.

You need to take care what you have selected when adding an element. Make sure to select an element within the group when you want to add an additional element to that gorup. When your new element is placed outside the group you have selected the group element before adding a new element, which adds it to the same layer as the group element you selected effectively placing it next to it, not within it.

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