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I´m evaluating Sitekiosk software and I´m trying to control an AV control system (Neets/Biamp) that has a web server for GUI.
I can open the GUI page and it updates and behaves correctly but do not react to touch or mouse.
Depending on the system, Internet Explorer must be used, GUI page does not work with Chrome or others. This page works ok on the Internet Explorer app on the same machine.
I attached configuration and log files and also the html code of the main GUI page.

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Re: Touch/mouse not working on a web page 12/20/2021 10:18 AM

With IE Skins SiteKiosk is just using the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed Internet Explorer.
First check that everything works in IE on that machine.

But note: Some touch screen events that are supported in the Internet Explorer are not supported in the Internet Explorer Webbrowser Control.
But generally, you also can slide the web page displayed in SiteKiosk up & down or tap on links that open then.

If it works in the IE, you should check your web page within the IE Webbrowser Control on that machine. You can find more details and a small test application that is just the WebBrowser Control without any SiteKiosk additions here:

Additionally, you may also check the compatibility view mode that is necessary for that page – standard IE 11 or any other IE mode (in Internet Explorer you can use F12 key to find out which IE version the web page is designed for):

Then you can adjust it in SiteKiosk as described in this FAQ:

If it doesn’t work in IE Webbrowser Control it cannot work in SiteKiosk with IE skin. In that case you may to check the code of the web page and make it compatible with Chrome Browser.

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