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We are currently testing the SiteKiosk software. I've got a couple of questions that I cannot find the answer to.

1. We want to run a website on SiteKiosk that refreshes to the homepage if nobody interacts with the screen for a couple of minutes. I've found the screensaver option, but when that 'activates' the whole application resets and that takes about 15 seconds. All we want is that Kiosk resets back to the home page, without closing the application. Is this possible?

2. Is there an option to change Kiosk settings from a distance, or do we always have to do it on the player itself.

3. When a website had a link on it that goes to a URL that is blocked, you get to see an error with an option to go back. Is it possible to configure the Kiosk in such a way that the system won't try to open 'blocked' links, so our users don't get to see the error messages?

Hope you can help me with these questions.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Kiosk refresh, online configuration and errors 4/22/2022 2:19 PM

The screensaver ensures that the activities of the previous user (History/Cache/Cookies/open browser tabs) will be erased automatically and the ongoing session will be closed.
Therefore, the browser must restart on screen saver activation when using the Chrome Browser Skin and this cannot be changed.

To manage SiteKiosk remotely you can use SiteRemote
You can test it 30 days for free. Just create a team at and then register the SiteKiosk Client to SiteRemote:

>>> 3. When a website had a link on it that goes to a URL that is blocked, you get to see an error with an option to go back. <<<
This is how it works by design.

But you can customize the error page and make SiteKiosk navigating back automatically.
Here an example (without further free support).
Open the file "blocked1.html" at "C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\SiteKioskNG\assets\errorPages" with an editor (e.g. Notepad or Notepad++).
Search for the line:

function onLoad() {

Then add history.go(-1); in the next line like this:

<script type="text/javascript">		
function onLoad() {
	var titleElement = document.getElementById("title");
	if (titleElement.innerHTML === "") {
		titleElement.innerHTML = "$String(ErrorPage.FailedToLoadUrl)";

If you need further assistance in making custom changes, we may find a paid solution for your needs.
In that case please write a detailed description to support-europe(at) that we can check the technical feasibility and the amount of work to make a quotation.
The adjustment fees are depending on the complexity of the changes and in general it costs 120 Euro per hour.

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