FAQ: Installation parameters for SiteKiosk Online Windows (also for a silent installation)


A silent installation of SiteKiosk Online for Windows is possible using the parameters /exenoui /qn.
Example for a complete silent installation (Installer.exe stands for the downloaded SiteKiosk Online installer):

"Installer.exe" /exenoui /qn

Below is another overview of the other options and parameters available for the SiteKiosk Online installation on Windows.

- Changing the user name:
Default value: SiteKiosk

- Desired password for the SiteKiosk user
Default value: Provisio1996

- Installing the VNC component (for RDP client access via SiteKiosk Online Server)
Default value: true

SiteKiosk user will be set to "Protected" during SiteKiosk installation:
Default value: true

- Creation of the SiteKiosk user:
Default value: true

- Installation directory:
Default value: [ProgramFiles64Folder][ProductName] (C:\Program Files\SiteKiosk Online)

Here are some examples (Installer.exe stands for the downloaded SiteKiosk Online installer):

- Changing the SiteKiosk user name to MyUser.

"Installer.exe" SITEKIOSKUSERNAME=MyUser

- Complete silent installation by changing the SiteKiosk user password to "12mypasswd".

"Installer.exe" /exenoui /qn SITEKIOSKUSERPASSWORD=12MyPasswd

- Installation is not silent, but change SiteKiosk user password to "12mypasswd".

"Installer.exe" SITEKIOSKUSERPASSWORD=12MyPasswd

- Silent installation without RDP function via SiteKiosk Online Server:

"Installer.exe" /exenoui /qn INSTALLVNC=false

- SiteKiosk user will not be set to "Protected" during SiteKiosk Online installation

"Installer.exe" SECURESITEKIOSKUSER=false

- Installation without SiteKiosk user

"Installer.exe" CREATESITEKIOSKUSER=false

- Silent installation without SiteKiosk user

"Installer.exe" /exenoui /qn CREATESITEKIOSKUSER=false

- Installation of SiteKiosk Online in folder "C:\SiteKioskOnline DIR".

"Installer.exe" APPDIR="C:\SiteKioskOnline DIR"

- Silent installation with different password to a separate directory without RDP function:

"Installer.exe" /exenoui /qn SITEKIOSKUSERPASSWORD=12MyPasswd INSTALLVNC=false APPDIR="C:\SiteKioskOnline DIR" 

Installer.exe" /? displays the parameters of the Advanced Installer that is used for SiteKiosk Online.
However, these are not SiteKiosk Online parameters and we cannot provide support for them.

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