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Is there a way to block GMail's in-app browser from accessing websites? Any links within GMail can be clicked and opened within GMail's built in browser, even if the site is not in the allowed URL list on SiteKiosk. How would we force links clicked in GMail to open using SiteKiosk's default browser?

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Re: GMail In-App browser 8/14/2023 11:05 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. For SiteKiosk Classic, it is best to check the logs for the Frame-Navigation events. This will tell you in browser activities. you can then set your URL rules for the Google services you do not want to allow. For example, setting* as Denied in Surfing Area, will be blocked. Even if this is an iframe on the allowed page.

In the Surfing Area setting, is the checkbox "Allow other URLs within frame structures.". This will prevent all iframes when "Access to other web addresses" is set to Denied. This means, you will need to make exceptions for all iframes on every site your users plan to visit.

You can find more examples here in Surfing Area Documentation:

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