Support Request: The wait picture (dog) is shown for extended time


On one of our kiosk the SiteKosk (former) logo, is shown whenever the idle timer kicks in. And it then shown for more than a minute. Sometimes even longer the customer reports. I understand that this has increased over time and now poses an issue when the visiters wants to use the Kiosk. How come, and is there anything we can do to diminish this?

Tomas Holm

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Re: The wait picture (dog) is shown for extended time 8/15/2023 12:44 PM

Generally, when using the Chrome Browser Skin with SiteKiosk Classic, SiteKiosk will restart on session end (logout / screen saver activation). But neither the SiteKiosk installation nor the configuration will change during runtime.
So, the increase of the restart time seems to be caused from outside of SiteKiosk?

However, please note that SiteKiosk Classic Windows version 7.x is out of support (and also not supported on current Windows 10/11 systems).

You may check to update:

Or have a look at our new product SiteKiosk Online:

Please generally note: SiteRemote and SiteKiosk Classic are legacy products. They get service updates (security and bugfixes) only until the end of 2025.

Michael Olbrich
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