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I am experiencing a problem when trying to log in to Gmail, similar to what's described here :

I have tried the solution that you suggested on january 30, selecting "Append SiteKiosk and the version to the user agent" in the browser options. However, This method did not resolve my issue. I have also tried to manually replicate the agent on my computer "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/116.0", with similar results.

I have tested it on multiple computers, all showing the green icon for the project after my modification.
The agent showed on "" also seems correct.

Is this a known issue in this version ? What should I change to fix it ?

Many Thanks and best regards.

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Re: Gmail access in SiteKiosk Online 9/1/2023 3:32 PM

The FAQ article refers to SiteKiosk Classic Windows and SiteKiosk Online does not require any changes in this regard.
There is no known problem with SiteKiosk Online and even in a short test of the SiteKiosk Online client for Windows with the browser template and the start screen template, I could not find any problem with logging into Gmail.

You may check and make sure that you use the default setting for the user agent.
>Settings>Browser>User agent modification>Do not modify anything and use the default user agent

If that doesn’t help you may also check that you are using the latest SiteKiosk Online Client (for Windows 1.3.1101).

Michael Olbrich
Re: Gmail access in SiteKiosk Online 9/1/2023 4:54 PM
Thank you for your answer. I was reffering to the comment from the 30th of january 2023 at the bottom of the article.

Anyway, I tried again using "Do not modify anything [...]" and I get exactly the same result. As you can see, Sitekiosk is running version 1.3.1101 and the client is up to date.
Re: Gmail access in SiteKiosk Online 9/4/2023 10:03 AM

Unfortunately, the problem is not reproducible here.

Could you therefore tell me the name of your team on and the name of the project?
Then I can check it again.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Gmail access in SiteKiosk Online 9/4/2023 12:57 PM

The team is called "Equipe BCU Fribourg" and the project is "BCU publique".

We might have identified a potential source to the problem. We have tried to install SiteKiosk online on yet another computer and assign it to the project, and Gmail worked. It seems that the project settings aren't causing the issue, since it did work on that particular computer.

The only notable difference with this PC is that it never had the old Sitekiosk 9 installed. We are suspecting that, eventhough we uninstalled SiteKiosk classic before installing the online version, there might still be some remains of it on the computer, which could affect SiteKiosk online...
Re: Gmail access in SiteKiosk Online 9/4/2023 2:21 PM

I also tested it again with your project (BCU publique) and the login at Gmail was possible with the project without any problems.
SiteKiosk 9.9 was also previously installed on my test system.

So, the root cause must be somewhere else than that SiteKiosk 9 was installed.
The two products have nothing directly in common (technically).
For example, SiteKiosk Classic is a 32-bit application and uses Chromium CEF as browser engine while SiteKiosk Online Client is a 64-bit application and uses the Chromium Electron engine. It also uses different directories and services.

Michael Olbrich
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