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We need to display an external website set up for single sign-on with our company. When I use the Internet Explorer browser, it works. There is no authentication prompt. When I switched to the Chrome browser, I was prompted to sign-on. Is there a method to pass the credentials with the Chrome browser?

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Re: Chrome Browser Prompts for Microsoft Credentials 9/7/2023 5:13 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk 9.8 is generally no longer supported, but SiteKiosk Classic Windows supports Windows authentication for SSO in websites when SiteKiosk Classic is launched in a corresponding user account.

However, Active Directory domain over Azure is not supported. You can only use SiteKiosk Online for this purpose and activate the corresponding option:

You can test it for 30 days for free:
See tutorial videos of SiteKiosk Online features:

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Re: Chrome Browser Prompts for Microsoft Credentials 9/8/2023 11:11 AM
I am having the same issue with the newest version of the SiteKiosk Classic client. I upgraded the software and can reproduce it. The "Internet Explorer Browser" option works, but not "Chrome". Why?
Re: Chrome Browser Prompts for Microsoft Credentials 9/8/2023 3:14 PM

The issue is known for all previous versions. The reason is for the same explanation as above. Internet Explorer, historically, has a lot more access with the Windows OS features compared to other browsers. For security reasons, it is not preferred to use it (SiteKiosk Classic ensures isolation when using Chrome Browser).

Considering this, we were able to add the capability to use Azure SSO with SiteKiosk Online, (next-gen, built from the ground up). Our browsers only use the standard feature set that come with them, we do not use experimental features. If your corporation switches over to Azure SSO recently, then this will affect the SSO usage with SiteKiosk Classic Chrome Browser.

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