Support Request: Page cannot display because it is shonw in an IFrame


I am trying to create a project for a web browser. When I attempt to preview the page, I receive the message, "This web page may not be displayed in the preview correctly, because it is shown in an IFRAME." I have attempted different URLs to test the process and cannot get any of them to display.

I am working on a Windows 11 computer running the Edge browser.

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Re: Page cannot display because it is shonw in an IFrame 9/13/2023 8:40 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. For technical reasons, you will need to further test websites on a test device or VM instance. You can log into your account and go to Dashboard >>Downloads to install and run your client in Test Mode locally.

The Preconfigured Installer helps to connect your client to the server (has a two-day expiry). The General Installer installs the client. When you run it the first time, it will prompt you to enter your credentials to connect to the server.

You will then be able to Publish your Project to the device to show locally.

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