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We are not educated in the use of our Kiosks as the person who ordered it no longer works at our company.

We are hoping to use the kiosk to submit forms but aren't sure how to do it. We have tried uploading a PDF but it is not readable.


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Re: Use of PDF 9/20/2023 9:41 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. You can find many ways to work with your PDF. You can decide to use the PDF element to view the PDF file and print it when the user is finished. Or you can use a Webpage element, that points to the PDF file, then you can provide a weblink to browse from there or have the option to download the completed form to upload elsewhere. You can decide to test a form creator website with the Webpage element that can send a completed form by email.

For more guidance on this topic, you can reach out to us at support-america(at) referencing this post.

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