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we are using a Sitekiosk Online on one of our kiosks devices(with Windows 10 IoT).
We also have an app that regulates brightness based on a light sensor. It uses RS232 port to get the data from a light sensor and regulates brighness base on this data and setting in the app.
Unfortunately this doesnt work together with SiteKiosk SW. Can you help or give us some pointers?
So far we have tried to run the app automaticaly after startup (Windows Run at startup) or using SiteKiosks function Auto action element and run the app from there. Thank you

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Re: Brightness control app 10/30/2023 10:27 AM

The Shell Replacement, which is active when SiteKiosk is running in Auto Start mode, does not allow you to start applications from the start-up folder in the Windows Start menu.

You can use the 'Auto Action Element' in the project or the Task Scheduler / the Windows Registry to locally on the Windows Client, to ensure that the application is always started when you log in / start SiteKiosk Online Client.

In general, SiteKiosk has no direct influence on external applications, but has 2 settings that can restrict their execution.
These are the so-called Windows & Dialog Management to block certain dialogs based on their title and/or window class and the access rights of the SiteKiosk user (used by default in Auto Start mode).

The principle is the same as described here for SiteKiosk Classic Windows:

You can adjust the window management under >Settings>Security in the project and the access rights locally on the computer with the System Security Wizard, which is also installed with the SiteKiosk Online Client for Windows.
Before doing so, however, you should check the log to see if SiteKiosk is blocking the application at all.

Otherwise, user-dependent Windows settings may also play a role and you should check whether the application works in the SiteKiosk user account without the client being started.
To check/change user dependent Windows settings in the SiteKiosk user account proceed as follows:
1) Log on to the terminal as the administrator.
2) Select Start > All Programs > SiteKiosk Online>Start System Security Manager.
3) In the System Security Quick Start screen, select ‘Unprotected’ and click the ‘OK’ button.
4) The next screen will ask you to “Do you want to apply the changes now?”, click the “yes” button.
5) It will go through the setting changes (which may take a few minutes), then will state that it is “Finished – Please click OK”, and click the “OK” button.
6) On the ‘Settings Changed Successfully’ window, select the “Exit Wizard” option and click “OK”.
7) Select Start > Log Off Administrator.
8) Log on to the terminal as SiteKiosk Restricted User. Default login information are Username: SiteKiosk, Password: Provisio1996 (the password is case-sensitive).
9) Change the Windows, application or printer settings and/or test the device in the Windows environment to make sure that it is working.
Note: Since you turned off the security settings to this account, you now have full access to the machine and are now able to perform previously blocked tasks, such as right click, access the control panel, access folders and drives, etc.
10) Log off from the restricted SiteKiosk user.
11) Repeat Steps 1-5, except change the selection of “Unprotected” to “Protected” in Step 3.
12) Run the SiteKiosk software and test the changes that you made to the Restricted User Account.

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