Support Request: Printing function missing randomly.


I recently got in a ticket in regards that when users try using the kiosk computers for printing of paystubs there would be times when users can print off their paystubs then there would be times when the option to print does not appear. This appears to only be happening on desktop computers that have the SiteKiosk software installed. Just looking for any insight to see as to what could be causing this and what would be the best route to fixing this matter.

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Re: Printing function missing randomly. 11/3/2023 1:52 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. What you are seeing is the difference of an embedded PDF on the webpage versus viewing the file directly in the SiteKiosk browser. Depending how the website is programmed, you can view the PDF file if you click on a URL link to the file directly. There, you will see the PDF Viewer toolbar and you can use the print utility of the PDF Viewer package.

If you turned on "Show Print Button" in Customize (Chrome Browser)>>Browser Toolbar, SiteKiosk can print the file directly as well. SiteKiosk will print the entire webpage, you have an embedded PDF (this behavior is known and cannot be changed for technical reasons).

It is then best to provide instructions to open or view the PDF file directly instead of imbedded view in the webpage.

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Re: Printing function missing randomly. 11/17/2023 12:17 AM
Hi Andre,
I was able to do some digging and was able to find the correct file Version of our Site Kiosk software. The Product version that we have is 9.9.5895 from August 2021. Will be doing some further testing to and talking with my manager to see what the next best option will be if you have any recommendations. Let me know thanks.
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