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When I update a site kiosk machine, there is the logo of SiteKisok which appears "Site Kiosk Online windows version..."
Is it possible to personalize that or not to show it. Ideal would be to personalize it with our own logo.

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Re: White labelling 11/15/2023 9:42 AM

You can deactivate the so-called splash screen of SiteKiosk Online Windows client with using the advanced settings in your project (>Settings>Advanced).

Use the "Add setting" Button and add this to the input field at “Path”


Then disable the checkbox at "Value"

If you then additionally want to deactivate the small dialogue with the cogwheel that appears instead, create a second Advanced Setting entry with the path ui.showWaitDialogs where you then also deactivate the checkbox at value.

Michael Olbrich
Re: White labelling 11/15/2023 3:00 PM
Thank you for your response.

And is it possible to replace the SplashScren with another personalized image ?
Re: White labelling 11/15/2023 3:04 PM
No, that is not possible.
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