Support Request: Ability to stream through SiteCaster?


Hello there,

Our company has a company wide communications meeting every other week. Is it possible to stream this through SiteCaster - screen sharing maybe?


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Re: Ability to stream through SiteCaster? 12/5/2023 5:15 PM
Hi Michaelangelo,

Thank you for your inquiry. You can test by creating a browser accessible meeting link (meeting can be launched in the browser) with the webpage element. You can test this on a device with a keyboard and mouse to do any additional navigation for the meeting. Display conditions are available in case you want this element to be placed on a second screen. (Tutorial videos are available in the Create Project menu.)

SiteCaster depends on the resident SiteKiosk Classic client to display your website link:

Here is our FAQ on updating SiteKiosk Classic:

This concept is the same with SiteKiosk Online; you can test with a new Browser project and your meeting link to see if it will be feasible for you:

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