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I have created a webpage as a second page in my project, and I am trying to figure out how I can have people navigate back to the main page once they are done on that page. It is an online form to be filled out and submitted, but if someone clicks on it by accident, I want them to be able to navigate back to the main page.

I tried putting a button on the page but when you go to that page the button ends up not being visible on top of the webpage.

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Re: Webpage Navigation 2/2/2024 3:07 PM

Thank you for the inquiry. You will need to shift the webpage element down or make it smaller to allow space for the back button to your main project page. The web element will always have the highest viewing priority of any element on a page despite view position in the elements list. So, to view other items, it must be adjusted.

Of course, to navigate between pages, you will use the Action>>Navigate to page ... feature in your desired element/button.

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