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I have designed a public-facing kiosk to be used by visitors not yet in our system. They are able to walk up and use the internet, open a selection of programs, and print. The one thing that I am having difficulty with is allowing the kiosk to be also available to those already registered in our system and have existing accounts in active directory.

To help better understand the situation I'll explain the specifics below:
- The computer is joined to our Domain
- The Sitekiosk restricted user is a local admin
- No restrictions are placed on the local account beyond the policies that the domain provides the computer. (this will be done once the problem is resolved).
- All non-visitors have usernames in active directory.

The problem:
I need to be able for a user to press a button on the start page, close out of site kiosk (I'll explain why), and go to the log-in screen.

My (unfinished) solution:
I have created a button on the start screen that runs "shutdown.exe -l", this logs the user off. I have a scheduled task (shutdown -r) to restart after 40 seconds if a user does not sign in as autologin will take care of getting back into the restricted account. When a user logs in before the timer has expired I have a task to run "shutdown -a" on login to abort the shutdown.

This all works for getting to another user and accounting for inactivity, but what it is not able to do properly is close the site kiosk program. When the next user logs in, they are also presented with the same interface as on the restricted account. I've tried taskkill on a few of the sitekiosk processes, though there must be some form of persistence module that is keeping that from working as the interface just relaunches after each close.

Essentially what I'm asking is, how can I switch to another user without the sitekiosk program persisting with that user as well? Can I make the button emulate an "esc" key press and then write a script that logs the user off when the program stops running? I've searched through the forums and have not been able to find anyone else dealing with this issue but I would assume it had to have happened somewhere down the road.


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Re: Multi-User Support 2/9/2024 1:00 AM
Hi Logan,

Thank you for your inquiry. Here is an example Forum Post with an auto logoff user script as well as instructions for setting SiteKiosk to launch only for any user who logs in:

A few highlights from this link:
To start SiteKiosk automatically on any Windows user login you can use the “Customized” start options:
Start SiteKiosk in a Windows user account having local admin rights and choose “Customized” in the quick start dialog that is displayed. In the “Customized” settings enable the option “Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)” while leaving all other options disabled (“Settings only apply to the restricted SiteKiosk user account”, “Disable any keyboard input during startup” and “Log on automatically at system startup”).

If you want that the Windows user logout happens when using the “normal” SiteKiosk Logout button and when the screen saver activates you can use a custom script.
Example (without further free support):

SiteKiosk.OnReset = OnReset;

function OnReset(){

Just copy & paste the lines of Example 1 or Example 2 into an editor (e.g. Notepad) and save as JS file (e.g. WindowsUserLogOff.js) to the folder “…\SiteKiosk\Html”.
Then add the script file to the SiteKiosk Configuration (-->Start Page & Browser-->Advanced-->On startup of SiteKiosk execute the following script file).

Here are steps to add buttons using HTML widgets in Start Screen to call Windows Logoff:

With this your Start Screen project would be complete based on your description. You can uninstall that restricted user if you no longer need it but be careful to restore the password first by opening the System Security Manager>>Customized>>User Account and apply settings. Then call this in command prompt:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\SystemSecurity.exe" /uninstall

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Re: Multi-User Support 2/9/2024 2:27 PM

Here is the official Dev Blog post for the user logoff scenario mentioned above:

You can save this link for future use.

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