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We are creating a new chromium config for our kiosks and I stubled on a small "issue".
Our drivers need to print their daily itinerary which is generated as a pdf. I already managed to have it opened in Adobe Reader automatically (instead of the built-in PDF reader) but the popup where it is normally opened stays open as a blank page on top of the Adobe Reader window (see screenshot).
Is there a way to close the popup after it has downloaded and opened the PDF?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Close popup window 2/12/2024 3:24 PM

this happens when the website on which you click the PDF link opens the PDF in a new window. Then the download is only triggered on the new page.
You would either have to make sure that the PDF link does not open in a new window or you activate the tab bar again so that the empty window only appears as a new tab.

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