Support Request: Set up Edge as default browser


Good morning I need to use Edge as browser because some website that I need are no more viewable in older browser like Explorer. At the same time I cannot use Chrome.
I can solve this issue?

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Re: Set up Edge as default browser 2/15/2024 11:53 AM

SiteKiosk version 9.9.6744 is SiteKiosk Classic Windows.

For security reasons, when using SiteKiosk, the launch of other browsers is blocked by default and the use of Chrome or Edge is not supported

However, with SiteKiosk Classic Windows you can use the Chrome Browser skin that is based on Chromium CEF and will be installed with SiteKiosk.
(With SiteKiosk Online for Windows Client it is Electron Chromium and with the Android versions SiteKiosk uses the Chrome System WebView on Android)

You can select the Chrome browser skin in the SiteKiosk configuration tool under Start Page & Browser (is also selected by default when you create a new configuration).

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