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We use Site Remtoe to manage sitekiosk agent that is installed on windows machines. I attached a screenshot, how do we enable a print button on the kiosk bar at the top in screenshot?

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Re: Printing 4/26/2024 10:14 PM

You can do this locally in Configuration>>Start Page and Browser>>Customize (if Start Screen, click Advanced below)>>Browser Toolbar and choose Show Print button. Review Printing behavior in Configuration>> Print. Save and review changes locally. Check your default listed printers in Windows admin account.

In SiteRemote, you can go to Monitoring>>Device>>Administration>>Import which takes you to SiteKiosk>>Configuration (in SiteRemote), then "Distribute" to send changes to the other devices. The devices will need to reload the new configuration, so you may need to send a SiteKiosk Command Restart job or wait for the daily restart.

Note: SiteRemote has become SiteKiosk Online and will no longer be operational after 2025:
You can review tutorial videos here:
You can contact us about transition options that meets your current deployment. Please indicate your interest at: sales-america(at)

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Re: Printing 4/30/2024 4:40 PM
Thanks for this! There was one more option I had to click under settings → allow printing.
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