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Good morning,
we have a problem with a kiosk that has SiteKiosk installed.
It remains stuck on the safe screen and we can't unlock it.
Even if we turn it off and on again, it gets stuck on the safe screen again.

How can we unlock the situation?

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Re: Totem blocked 5/14/2024 3:25 PM
Sorry but the product is sitekiosk windows classic
Re: Totem blocked 5/14/2024 3:29 PM

what you can do in that situation is listed in this FAQ:
Re: Totem blocked 5/14/2024 4:14 PM
I have tried the suggested key combinations, but I fear they refer to direct action on the machine, and I am connecting remotely using Windows Remote Desktop Connection.
I know the key combination to shut it down and the password, but it just doesn't respond... the current result is a black screen after the message 'waiting for starting services...' appeared.

How can we proceede to fix the situation?
Re: Totem blocked 5/14/2024 4:18 PM

absolutely every available option is listed in the provided FAQ.
Re: Totem blocked 5/14/2024 4:19 PM
Yes but i need to go physically in front of totem or i can do it also remotely?
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